18 Famous Problems Bloggers Face and How to Solve it


The 18 famous Problems Bloggers Face article is about what bloggers, especially new bloggers, face daily.

In this post, I show you 18 well-known problems bloggers face. They are the problems you cannot skip as a beginner.

These are the challenges that every successful blogger has gone through at a point in time and how you should handle them.

What are the problems bloggers face is a question every new blogger must ask before launching a blog this year.

This post will help to learn how to be a good blogger.

Problems Bloggers face: Know them and guard against them.

There are a couple of problems bloggers face after launching their blog, unknowingly they usually don’t expect that and most of them quit due to these problems. As a new-age blogger, you need to be aware of these problems, expect them, and guard yourself so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

Below is a list of common problems bloggers face in blogging.

1. Lack of quality content

When you start a blog, you may have a feeling that the content you publish is lacking in quality. Mostly, because you don’t know how to write a good blog post.

This feeling is usually accurate, and it is also not too far from the reality, that your initial blog articles will always be a bit off from rich and powerful.

That’s okay; don’t let this discourage you from moving through with your plans. You can always come back and make it better if not the best.

Nobody starts as an expert. If you keep going and write more, it will eventually reach its full potential.
Today’s high competition in blogging has forced even beginners to create rich quality content before search engines rank them.


  • It’s best to always set SMART blog goals to create rich content.
  • Spend the extra time and do deep research on the chosen blog post topic.
  • Make sure you answer almost all the questions relate to the topic.
  • Write using simple language expressions (write the way you speak)
  • Avoid slang and jargon.

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2. Plagiarism alert

Plagiarism alert

Be ready to respond to alerts from Plagiarism Checker. The truth is that people all across the world have seen, learned, and heard so much information that it is quite difficult to find completely original content anywhere on earth.

No matter what you do, somebody somewhere else had the same idea, which will mean you are interfering with their intellectual property (IP).
You have no choice but to acknowledge the situation and rephrase your material accordingly whenever it happens.
Make sure that your content has not been plagiarized in any manner before you publish it on your website.

There are tools available to assist you in checking for instances of plagiarism.

3. Traffic Generation

This is a “blog scarecrow“. How to generate traffic to your blog, is one of the biggest challenges you will face as a blogger. Imagine spending a lot of time with deep research to write a very informative blog post but the search engines don’t show it to potential readers.

That is indeed heartbreaking. This is the reality in today’s blogging.

Traffic generation is one of the blog strategies you will need to learn. There are various ways of generating traffic to your blog.
The two most common ways of generating traffic to your blog


  1. Self Promotion with SEO
    Self-promotion through SEO is possible. SEO may sound like a monster to you now,, yet it can help you stand out. You must understand SEO to make Google notice your posts and materials. There are almost too many ways to promote your blog today. You can also produce guest posts (details below) and link back to your blog, buy an ad on a similar blog, write about trending topics, enhance your website’s performance, and make friends with influencers to receive a shoutout. But all the above self-promotion tactics will not work without SEO.

2. Social Media promotion

Social media promotion can also boost traffic. Spreading the word about your blog on Facebook, Instagram, and or Twitter may be a good idea.
There are tools to help you post on social media automatically.

4. Few or no-repeat visitors

Getting consistent readers is one of the headaches you will face when you start a blog.
Ideally, people should stick around your blog or follow your writing consistently.

If this is not the case, you should check.

Perhaps, one or more of the following is happening with your blog.

Solutions Check these

  • Your content is not rich enough, Spend more time and research the topic
  • Your blog is not answering the questions readers are seeking for. Look for more questions from social media and forums
  • Inconsistent blog publishing. Have a blog posting Plan. Be consistent
  • You are not writing to your target audience(tone of voice). Know your target audience and set your tone for them.
  • Improper blog structure (no videos, images, infographics). Make your blog post accessible to all and with a fully optimized
  • Poorly designed website ( not mobile-friendly website). Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • No User-Friendly website ( bad Theme, Plugins, too slow website). Learn how to speed up your website
  • No subscribers ( list building). Start building a subscriber list. Initial email marketing

Make sure you beef up your writing skills, to answer the questions readers are looking for in the topics of discussion. Know your target audience and know how to set your tone. Details of your blog post should easily understandable, use videos, images, and infographics to make your point clear.
Check the design of your website, make it beautiful and. Invest in approved themes and plugins and check the speed of your website and its user-friendliness Start list building by collecting users’ emails address to inform them anytime you publish a post.

5. Fear of Failure (atychiphobia)

Blogging Failure

The feeling of not making it can crip you at a point after publishing so many posts but no one visits your blog to read them.

Blogging is a 100% internet business now. Blogging has received a professional touch of quality and one ought to strive to reach that. Treat your blogging as a business. Your blogging will experience the same business failure as a normal online business.
The market has evolved to the degree where a blogging website must offer video, audio, and text at the same time.
This has upped the bar for beginners considerably.

You need to modify your content to fit all by turning your materials into all three formats, videos, audio, and text.

Be prepared to treat your blogging as a full-time business.

6.. Focus: Breaking Through the Noise

It is very difficult to stay focused on blogging now.
This problem can affect even the expert. The rate at which information is generated now can easily overwhelm and derail you from your plans

Blogging now requires a significant amount of time and practice before one can even come close to being competent at the art of filtering information, resources, and connections.
There is so much information online now and you may think it’s even not necessary to add up.

You need to have a plan, set realistic goals, and follow-through.
The only thing you can do to keep your focus on your blog is to set blogging goals.

learn how to set blog goals here

7. Connecting With Others

As I mentioned before, the current oversaturation of the market makes it more difficult for new bloggers to create their own blogs and connect with other people.

I believe all you need to do is something that distinguishes you from other people, that makes your website or your style more distinctive and individual, that injects a little bit of your own personality into it, and then you just have to cross your fingers and hope that other people find it interesting.

8. Growing audience

Problems Bloggers face today is the fact that you have to generate traffic to grow your audience.

Consistent traffic generation is the most difficult challenge in growing an audience.
You need to be specific with who your target audience is, and you need to publish material that is addressing a problem or being useful to your audience.

Because there are so many blogs on the internet, you need to differentiate yourself from the other writers.

The best bloggers achieve this by having a clear understanding of their target audience and the specific ways in which they can reach them and assist them.

Unfortunately, there are currently too many blogs available online for you to simply publish about your niche. Dig deep and give some thought to how you may help the people who are reading your content.

Advertise your blog as much as humanly you can. It is recommended that you devote approximately 70–80 percent of your time to simply promoting the material you have created.

  • Are you truly making an effort to advertise your blog to the people who are most likely to be interested in reading it?
  • Are you making use of the full range of social channels at your disposal?

Pinterest has actually assisted in providing a significant boost to the expansion of my audience.

Learn how to find the target audience on Facebook and how to promote small businesses on social media here

9. Commitment to your time set for blogging

You can easily postpone your research time or writing time for something else. Social media alone can push your agenda from one day to the next. These are some of the common problems bloggers face today.

This problem goes for both new bloggers and experts as well.
You need to be honest and reasonable with yourself or else you will most likely be disappointed when your goals are not accomplished.

Think about it rationally, and set aside the amount of time that you can realistically put in.
Even if you can only commit an hour a week, that’s absolutely OK!

On the other hand, when that hour rolls around let’s say on Friday night, you better get yourself up and work. If you do this, you will be able to set objectives for yourself that are more attainable and in line with reality.

Create a schedule for each week.

You may completely plan out when you want to take some time to sit down and work on your blog by creating a calendar for each week (or each month). Because of the unpredictable nature of life, it is critical to organize your time well and make plans as far in advance as possible.

10. Email Conversion

You probably have started building your email list but didn’t know how to convert them to customers.
The term “customers” may have a different meaning to you than it does to another blogger, but the most essential thing is to make sure you’re always providing value to the people who read your blog.

If you constantly provide value to your readers, they will trust what you have to say because they know you can be relied upon.

If your audience has acquired a level of trust in you and what you have to say, you will be able to capitalize on this positive relationship with them whenever you are ready to market a product, service, or offering that you might want to share with them

Provide solutions, and value to your subscribers to gain their trust. The rest will definitely come with your pricing.

11. Publishing Consistently

If publishing content consistently is your problem, Create content and an editorial calendar.

In all seriousness, it is helpful in more ways than you might imagine. When it comes to releasing content regularly, you will save a lot of time and avoid a lot of headaches if you have a calendar at your disposal on which you can quickly plot out the month.

Create a list of potential blog post topics that you are interested in writing about, and then consult your calendar to figure out when you will be able to write about those topics and publish them.

Again, the most important thing is, to be honest with yourself about how frequently you can genuinely update.

This is the key to success in this area.

Even if you can only commit to doing it once a week or even once a month, go ahead and do it; just make sure that you are consistent about it.

12. Increasing SEO Issues

Most bloggers ignore SEO until something too complicated comes up and reduces blog article exposure in search engines.

Blogs are punished.

Blogging exceeds content creation. You must also consider the technological aspects of delivering your blog content.

SEO concerns can’t be handled instantly because there are so many factors. It helps to hire a reliable SEO business, but for starters, educate yourself with SEO terminology and technicalities through online learning or Google’s tools.

Increasing website traffic increases conversion rates. Using great backlinks, and effective keywords, and reducing hidden links and unrelated material will help you overcome this blogging difficulty.

There are penalties set by Google to deal with bloggers. some of these penalties can block your website entirely from search engines. You need to learn all these and be informed so you don’t break them consciously.

Learn how to improve your website SEO with Google

13. Finding the Right Topics to Blog About

The more blog posts you publish, the harder it is to prevent low-quality content. Quantity reduces quality. Another blogging problem.

Content quality problems may be caused by:

  • Lack of expertise and trustworthiness
  • Inadequate research
  • There is an overload of ads in the main content
  • Content is too promotional
  • The title of the content is exaggerated and not relevant to the main content
  • Incoherence throughout the blog This will diminish client engagement, hinder your blog’s vision, and harm your brand.

Low-quality material could hinder website traffic.


Enhance quality checks and get reliable input.

14. Blog Monetization

If writing a blog isn’t something you want to do for purely personal reasons, you should probably think about how you could monetize your site.

Even while it is possible to generate money from your blog, the reality is that only a small fraction of people are actually doing well financially as a result of their blogging activities.

Developing a successful blog takes time, and you also need to maintain consistency and have a strategy.

You can generate money with your blog in a variety of different ways, such as by selling premium content, participating in affiliate programs, or selling memberships. One example is that you can offer premium content with your blog.


Always think one step ahead.

Determine how you want to create money, and then take baby steps toward achieving that objective. Concentrate on growing your readership, and be sure you uphold your stellar reputation at all times. If people respect your judgment, then the weight of your recommendations will be significantly increased.

Determine the challenges that your audience is experiencing and suggest a solution.

15. Struggling with Promotion

Promotion is another obstacle that many bloggers find difficult to overcome. You have just created a post for your blog and uploaded it to your website.

So what do we do now?

You are required to promote your work and interact with readers by providing responses, managing feedback and comments, and following people on social media.

The promotion of content is vitally necessary; yet, not all writers are aware of how to get started, particularly when they are new to the world of social media and the sharing of content.


Prepare yourself in advance.

Make sure that your profiles on social media are up to date and that you will have sufficient time to respond to people’s comments and inquiries once your article has been published.

You need to share your post on all of your social platforms and start people talking, which means you will need to take some time out of your schedule to manage it.

You don’t want people responding or asking questions if there is nobody there to answer them.

Take a look at the profiles of some of your rivals and observe how frequently they post as well as how they respond to comments left by readers.

You want people to talk about your brand and your content, but you need to be sure that you will have enough time and the necessary skills to handle it when it happens.

Don’t worry about it; the beginning will probably be slow (until you publish an article that goes viral! ), which means you’ll have plenty of time to get used to the pace.

16. Improving Writing Skills

When trying to incorporate blogging on a more consistent basis into their marketing strategy, many business owners discover that they simply do not possess the necessary copywriting skills.

Simply put, they do not have the skills or the drive to learn how to become a great writer, and they need to concentrate on other aspects of operating their business instead of trying to improve their writing skills.

It is essential to ensure that your blog provides readers with consistent and high-quality information regularly.

Not just to achieve a high ranking within search engines, but also to guarantee that the information your visitors require is presented to them.


Write daily.
Read daily.
Consider the audience and try free online writing courses
Try template writing.

17. Link Building

I got it. When it comes to SEO, backlinks are absolutely necessary, and having more of them leads to higher positions in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

However, there is no successful way to game the system in this situation.

Purchasing linkages requires an outlay of financial resources. (It’s also against the guidelines set forth by Google.)

And if you’re at the point where you’re contemplating purchasing links, likely, your blog isn’t generating enough revenue to justify the expense.

Reaching out to others for link exchanges and guest posts is also a very tiresome activity.

You run the danger of watering down the quality of your content if you happen to be particularly skilled at it.

You would be better off devoting your time and resources to the production of high-quality content or to the resolution of another of your blogging issues.

Because you provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information, other websites will begin linking to yours.

As the readership of your blog rises, you will start receiving an overwhelming number of emails offering you link swaps and guest writing opportunities. First, go through it to find some viable possibilities, then get rid of the rest.

18. Guest Posting

One of the famous problems bloggers face today is guest posting. Guest bloggers typically provide posts to other blogs within their business that are similar to their own. This help to:

  • Drive traffic to their own website.
  • Increase the authority of their domain by linking to other websites with a high authority ranking.

Due to Its importance in getting your new website domain authority high for SEO ranking, this has become a major challenge in the blogging industry.

These days one needs to spend a lot of time and sometimes even pay for the opportunity to write for another website.

Guest blogging is a must for a new blogger because it’s great exposure for your blog. It helps build high authoritative backlinks to your website.

When it comes to guest posting, there is no one way to do it.

Some experts encourage you to accept to pay and write for the website you wish to write for.

Others advise you to keep creating quality content and keep promoting your blog until you find the one willing to work with you.

If you have the budget to pay for guest posting, you should pay and get the link to your website, otherwise, you can keep creating quality content, get social and work on your SEO, and hope to meet the angel who will find your content worth it to write for them.


You might put in your time, effort, and energy without receiving anything in return.
It calls for an enormous preliminary investment of both time and labor…
It Is Much More Challenging Than It Appears, and Simply Having Passion for It Is Not Enough….
If you don’t know what you’re doing, blogging for your company could end up being detrimental to your success.

You are not producing content that is interesting to the audience. One of the reasons why bloggers don’t succeed is because they don’t provide content that is interesting, of high quality, and engaging. Because there is so much content being produced, having excellent content is the bare minimum requirement for entering the competition.

Not Defining Your Target Audience. Blogging Inconsistently. Focusing Too Much on SEO. Blogging Inconsistently. Focusing Too Much on SEO. Blogging Inconsistently.
straying away from one’s intended market niche….
Not implementing persuasive content writing techniques. Not promoting blog content. Not having a newsletter subscription. Publishing short content frequently. Not having a newsletter subscription. Publishing short content frequently.

failure to plan, setting goals that are impossible to achieve People commonly begin blogging without having any specific objectives in mind…
Inexperience. Let’s face it: not everyone is up to date on the latest technology…
Social media disconnects.
Worry over people’s opinions.
Commitment concerns.

Yes, If you want to make money from your blog this year for both long-term and sustainable, you will need to create content on a somewhat consistent basis that is of high quality.

Let’s imagine a few of your blog pieces are starting to do well in the search engine rankings and are beginning to receive a little amount of organic traffic as a result.


Problems bloggers face may also depend on your style of blogging. For instance, a full-time blogger may not encounter problems related to frequent posting. Someone with the budget to pay for ads and other expenses may not go through frustrations in guest posting and traffic to the website.

In all, you have to be aware that blogging comes with a lot of challenges especially these days when there are a lot of people engaged in blogging.

By applying good practices and following through with patience, you will get out of the noise sooner than you think.

if you know of any problems bloggers face that are not on the list, let me know in the comment below.

You may also check the mistakes bloggers make after launching a blog.


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