My Story

Hi, My name is Kweku and I am the one behind First Time Blogger.

This is my story of how I started this blog and what I’ve learned in the process including a few of the reasons why I started it.

about-me-image and my story

Today, I feel elated as I  write this part of my blog.

I decided to put my story on this part of the website because I haven’t gotten any big accomplishments to show you yet,  but I have a story that may motivate you to make a move.

Throughout my life, I have always dreamed to start an online business, but perfectionism and self-doubt made me quit before I even start.

I haven’t done anything so perfectly for myself before. It’s always about people.

Also, there was fear and self-doubt.

I thought I have to have everything perfectly in place before I begin for the fear of facing rejection and failure by the people around me and myself.

During the lockdown in 2020, It hit me seriously because it was a few months into my new job.

I quit my previous job and joined a new company with a fresh start kind of life. The new offer was my way to make it all back again and within eight months we all went into total lockdown. The company didn’t make it back alive after the lockdown.

Salaries were caught as a result of prominent clients going out of business.

There was a need to start something or find a way to make extra income.

I started to look into how to make money online. Even though I know people make money online I didn’t take the time to know exactly how they do it.

In my search, I realized a common trend in all the successful people making money online.

Almost all of them have a history of 8-15 years.

So I asked myself if it’s possible to start this in 2020 and still make it.?

There was a good chance to make it back then than now. looks like in 2020 chance of success in setting up an online business is very small so I heard from people who have tried this lately and failed.

So I thought of experimenting with it myself to know.

In my previous job, I roam the cities solving issues related to computer hardware.

I know nothing about sales, Marketing and on top of it, all being a writer.

The thought of beginning with a blog was something I didn’t see possible even though I am an introvert and I love being alone with PCs.

I was very poor when it comes to typing. and the thought of sitting and typing 2000 words of an article really made the whole idea, not my style, but it’s an experiment.

I made a plan to learn how to blog from very scratch without investing any money but to learn everything myself.

I started to learn how to design a website on youtube and how to do research for keywords.

How to write good content because I realized that there is so much competition in today’s blogging industry.

This blog has gone through a lot of changes in the past months.

And as a first-time Blogger, I keep changing the site as it gets crushed and I will rebuild it with a different style.

Indeed, it was a bumpy road a couple of months ago, one thing that kept me going is, It’s an experiment, who cares?

This website finally took a professional shape in Dec 2021.

I am now certain that it is possible to start a blog even in 2022 and still be able to make it work.

As I have started receiving organic traffic from google, I know my work is already noticed and I have to keep moving.

In case there is any self-doubt or fear of failure in any part of your life, step on it and just make a move.

One thing that has helped me is I do everything one after the other. if it feels too huge for you, break it down into pieces and you will move the mountain once in front of your view.


For those of you who have read this far, I thank you for your time and appreciate every relationship you have formed as a result of your visit to this blog.

My story may not be extraordinary to you but it’s a life I experience I have been and I know a lot of people go through these failures.

Please let me know your input. if there is anything I can do to make this site more awesome.

I’m here to learn and to help you as a blogging guide and as a friend at the same time.

I make every effort to respond to each and every email, and I am interested in hearing your story too– both the good and the bad.

I want to create a safe environment where new first-time bloggers can meet and collaborate, receive encouragement, and learn how to work more efficiently.

The industry is getting tighter than expected and because we are all new bloggers, we will need to band together, pick each other up, and rally together to succeed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.