How to create unique content for your blog

how to create unique content for yout blog.

How to create unique content for your blog. The essential guide for webmasters who want to boost their blog’s traffic, find new readers and improve the overall experience for their visitors.

Blogging is a popular way to share ideas and knowledge with your followers. In this guide, I’ll show you how to create unique content for your blog, so your visitors will pay attention to what you have to say.

Every day, 4.4 million new blog posts are published on all platforms. 70 million new articles are published on WordPress blogs each month. The United States is home to 30% of the world’s bloggers or 2 million in total.

  • Over 500 million blog sites have been set up all over the world.
  • 88% of companies that outsource their writing hire freelancers.
  • Bloggers who post once a week make up 38 percent of the total population.
  • Blogs, according to 68.52% of those polled, increase a website’s credibility.
  • It takes 2 to 3 hours for a typical post to be written by 22% of bloggers.
  • Backlinks to long-form content are up by 77.2 % on average.
  • The most popular type of blog post is a how-to guide.

Blogging keeps gaining the power to control the internet and that is why it is essential to be unique to stand out from the crowd.

Every article you read online is a blog post. Can you imagine this?

What Is “Unique Content?”

The term “unique content” refers to internet content that has been specifically created to stand out from the crowd. It’s impossible to find the same stuff elsewhere on the internet.

There is a lot of detailed information, such as the location and technique for doing something, a list of things, or a basic notion of methodology.

Not only can this type of material improve your SEO efforts, but it can also help you establish a personal connection with your readers.

Why Does Unique Content Matter?

A powerful way to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more is to learn how to write a good blog post. It’s your ticket to grabbing the attention of your target market and reinforcing a positive perception of your brand.

Customers respect uniqueness because it creates long-lasting ties with them. You may increase your Domain Authority and SEO by writing original content.
More backlinks are on the way. For Google, it’s a good way to gauge the quality of a website.

To rise to the top of search engine results, your blog posts must be of high value to readers.

Does Unique Content Support SEO?

When it comes to search engine optimization, having material that is both high-quality and original is essential. The first reason is that Google places a higher priority on information that is both relevant and original in comparison to duplicate content, which runs the risk of being penalized by both Google and other search engines.

Therefore, it is highly important to know how to create unique content for your blog.

  • Producing new material regularly will increase your revenue and conversions.
  • Longevity of Unique Content ( evergreen)
  • More backlinks are attracted to unique content.
  • It’s Easier for People to Find Unique Content
  • Website sales and conversions are increasing.
  • Increasing the amount of traffic that comes from search engines.
  • Increasing the number of people who visit your website

12 Tips on how to Create Unique Content for Your Website

When we say “unique content,” we don’t mean you have to come up with something completely new. We say that you can get the reader’s attention by presenting the subject in a way that is unique to you.

It’s no longer special to be different. Now, you have to do what it takes to stay alive in the tough market. In today’s market, your brand will only do well if it stands out.

1. Know Your Subject

To stay unique, you need to learn how to choose the right niche for your blog. This is one thing I know since I started blogging is that when you start a blog on the wrong foot(niche) you cannot stay unique. A wrong uninterested topic does not motivate you to strive for perfection.
Again, If you don’t know much, you won’t be able to write about anything good but the basics. You don’t have to be an expert on the subject right now, but you do have to be willing to keep learning so that you can get to this point. All you need is to set goals to get it done.

Being unique takes time to build. You need to be patient. Build authority in your niche.
(and you need to have some patience until you get there)
Know your target audience.
You can not please everyone. Not everyone is your customer. You need to know who you are writing to. You must learn how to find your target audience.
Personas creation is critical to figuring out your target audience and finding an effective content strategy to meet their needs.

You must put yourself in the shoes of your clients or readers to have a complete picture of their demands as well as their challenges.

You should first establish a general profile of your audience before diving into finding pain points

Customer persona includes:.

Demographics: include things like gender, age, race, income, etc.
Goals and values: What are their goals and the criteria or standards they use to make decisions?
How do they act in different circumstances?

What are the problems they want to solve to make their daily lives easier?

Source of Information: How do they find out what’s going on? (Social media, digital media, tv, publications, personal experiences)

There are various ways to find your target audience to learn what they are searching for.

  • Google Trends
  • Quora
  • Social Media Groups and fun pages
  • Products Reviewers and amazon customer feedback.

Yes, it is really a hard job. But you will be able to plan and make content that is unique and speaks to your audience.

2. Keyword Research

Conducting research on relevant keywords is an essential element of creating any content. In addition to this, it is the first step in the process of understanding your clients and coming up with ideas for your blog.

Content that has been inspired by solid keyword research is more likely to be seen, to be relevant, and generate value. Google uses keywords as a form of directional clue.

If you want people to see your unique content among the search results, you need to make sure the keywords on your website are relevant to what people are entering or searching for.

3. Develop a Unique writing Template or Structure

Blog Post template refers to the format you will use to create content. Apart from writing good sentences with great grammar, you need to structure your content, making sure you cover the most important aspect of the topic necessary.
These templates will help you to create consistent content that follows the same procedure as your writing.

This also can be your trademark that whoever comes across your writing may identify you within it.
There are a couple of templates you can choose and create content using the format.

Classic List Post:

A list post, sometimes called a “Listicle,” is a list of 10–25 bite-sized tips, strategies, techniques, tools, etc., or anything else that would fit well on a list.

Eg; 12 Tips on how to Create Unique Content for Your Website

The Detailed Case Study:

A case study is similar to an old-fashioned how-to post supported by a real example.

E.g How a stay home mom made $10,000 a week

Product Review

This post compares two competing products side by side. Your Product Showdown is really helpful. Because you save them a lot of time and money on a product that might not work for them.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost Comparison

Beginner Guide

One of my favorite blog post templates is the Beginner’s Guide. With this template, you can show your readers exactly what they need to do to get started, reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Indeed, due to their importance, Beginner’s Guides frequently receive a large number of backlinks and social media shares.
Eg. how to start a blog, Beginners Guide

The debunker blog Post

“The Myth Debunker”. What makes this template so good? There are two: First, when you bust a common myth, you make people talk about it. People who agree with you and people who don’t will share your content if it’s controversial.

Also, you demonstrate your knowledge and competence when you compile several so-called “best practices” and demonstrate that they are, in fact, falsehoods.

Eg. 10 Content Creation myths that every blogger must know.

4. Dig deeper

You should write on a little-known feature of a topic that has been discussed extensively. Find a trending subject inside your niche area that you are going all out and produce an expert insight.

Give your audience knowing that they won’t get anywhere else, while the majority of other bloggers are just writing about basic, general material.

Go the extra mile. If the subject is already generating a lot of interest and you can provide more information and knowledge than others, you will probably see an increase in the amount of traffic that you receive.

5. Be Creative

If you want to keep people interested in what you have to offer, the content of your website needs to be considerably more creative than simple product descriptions. It is not merely a matter of spreading information here.

Find strategies to deliver your case to the audience that is both very original and very engaging.
Make an effort to avoid always going along with the current trends.

Becoming more creative will help you develop your individuality.

Words are only one component of the content, and there are many other aspects to consider as well; this is a continuously expanding field.

Users and search engines will notice a difference between your website and that of your competitors if you use unique videos, photos, and customer reviews.

Make it personal- write the way you speak

66% of consumers said that not having tailored material would prevent them from completing a purchase.
80% of habitual customers only buy from brands that provide a personalized experience.
Marketing personalization is extremely or somewhat appealing to 90% of US customers.
Get personal with your blog. Write from your personal experiences.

I’m sure you’ve been through a lot of things that are relevant to the topic of your blog, and the things you’ve gone through in your own life are likely to be more interesting and original to your readers than other topics you could write about.
Dont be afraid to create or expose your stories, or findings. Tell the world what is in you concerning the subject you are presenting.

Many people on the internet choose to write about what they have read about in the works of others.

This is one of the factors that contribute to the prevalence of redundant content on the internet.

Survey the Competition

Consider the top 5–10 businesses that compete with you. Which results are returned by search engines when they are searched for?

Compare this to the high-level topics you’ve been covering to figure out how to differentiate the two.

Examine the quality of their writing; how long are the pieces, and how in-depth are they? There is a possibility that there is some helpful direction available for the strategy that you adopt.

You might even discover that the information is identical. In that case, you have the option of avoiding certain issues altogether or writing about them from an entirely new perspective.

Dont focus too much on SEO

Seo is extremely important in getting your content in front of your audience. The only sure and effective way of reaching your audience is through search engines recommending your blog post to them when they search.

But, because the SEO style of writing may push you to ignore your audience’s needs.
If you want to build a great long-lasting relationship with your audience, focus on writing for them.
Indeed, this may sound contradictory but too much focus on SEO may not set you up for a difference in your branding.

Be a problem solver

Solve Problems. Almost every successful blog I know is a problem solver.

Focusing solely on the issues that your audience is experiencing is one of the most effective strategies for creating unique content.

If they are having difficulty finding a solution to an issue, it is clear that they are not aware of any appropriate solutions; otherwise, they would not have had the problem in the first place.

They will keep your name in mind if you are the one who can supply that solution since you will be the first person to do it.

Tools for Exploring Unique Content Ideas

Tools for Exploring Unique Content Ideas

There are tools to help you explore the internet to help you come out with the best blog post.

A few are discussed here.

Google trends

Google Trends represent daily searches. So you can simply grasp what’s happening in your niche and find keywords for your content.

Google trends can also provide search volume with geographical information. Every content writer should use this free tool.


Grammarly is one of the top writing tools with 10 million users. It checks for written errors.

The free edition corrects spelling, punctuation, and grammar; the paid version offers writing tips.

Grammarly works as a browser extension or app for Microsoft Word, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor improves readability. Passive voice, overused adverbs, and ambiguous sentences are flagged. The app costs $19.99. Use the Hemingway app if you’re a blogger, freelance writer, or hobbyist.

Tools for Visual Content Creation


Today, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create an article’s poster or image. Canva is a drag-and-drop image editor. The ease of use saves time and money on complex jobs.

Ceros: infographics

Ceros can develop experience content at scale. You can create interactive infographics, films, and more without coding.

Ceros’ easy-to-use tools require only minimal knowledge. Drag-and-drop assets onto the canvas to add animations and preview in real-time.

Unique Content Checker Tools


Even if you are confident that your content is original, we recommend employing tools to ensure that nothing has been copied or replicated unintentionally.

Copyscape is a website that allows you to search for URLs.
smallseotools plagiarism checker – You can submit any form of document or copy-paste up to 1000 words with the free version.
Duplichekcer’s free edition allows you to upload multiple documents and check for plagiarism for up to 1000 words.

How to check the performance of Your Content and SEO Efforts
Traffic to your website
Check the number of visitors you have had in a specific time period and evaluate it in light of the findings from earlier periods. You will have an understanding of how your original content fared on search engine results pages (SERPs) and how many visitors it has attracted to your website using this method.

On-page time

Time-on-page gauges a reader’s time on a page. It tells you if visitors like your article and read it all.

Google Analytics measures time on-page in seconds. Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. You can view how many visitors visited your website’s pages.

No standard exists for perfect page numbers. A 5000-word guide will be lengthier than an 800-word blog piece. 80% of readers may read your blog article, but just 20% will read your guide. Be careful when comparing website content from different time periods.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate measures how often visitors return to the same page. Bounces occur when someone hits a Google link and quickly leaves your page. Bounce rate depends on multiple reasons

You can’t grade your site based on bounce rate alone; you must also consider other KPIs and your industry.

A 95% bounce rate could suggest your website is broken or you’re targeting the wrong audience with irrelevant content.


Unique Website Visitors

The amount of unique visitors a website attracts is frequently a good indicator of its success. First-time visitors to a website are known as “unique visitors.” Using the user’s IP address and browser cookie, this count is calculated. A person will only be counted as one unique visitor to a website once if they visit it more than once in a single day.

What’s the point? Why you should keep an eye on your website’s traffic? If you see an increase or decrease in the number of unique visitors to your website, you should look into the explanation. Have you seen a spike in visitors because of new goods or significant promotions? Spikes and lags analysis might assist you in better strategizing future marketing initiatives.


Online content that is developed to be absolutely different from any other content that can be obtained on the internet is referred to as “unique content.” The production of material of this type is of the utmost importance because it can improve search engine optimization (SEO). The inverse of original material is duplicate content, which refers to text that can be located online word-for-word

Begin by coming up with first-of-their-kind and original tales…
A Powerful Headline is a Key to Capturing the Attention of Your Audience…
Provide Useful, Relevant Answers.
Become the site that everyone visits first for Resources…
You should provide pertinent visual content on your website.

Always keep your readership in mind when writing.
Maintain a centralized location for everything.
Create news stories that really grab people’s attention.
Make use of sentences that are loaded with relevant keywords.
Structure your posts.
Include visuals in your writing.
Drive traffic to your content via social media.
Google Authorship should be implemented.

You can use web resources to develop new unique content SEO ideas.

Tools for keyword research
YouTube Google Image Tags
List of what’s in an online course

Boosts SEO
Generates backlinks
Positions your site as the leader of the field
Pulls traffic and improves engagement

Ideas for a mind map
Use titles that grab people’s attention.
Do not plagiarize texts
Use words that make a picture in the mind of the reader.
Use fewer adjectives and adverbs.
Short sentences are best.
Write like you’re talking to a friend.
Do not sound like a salesperson
Make sure your text is easy to read.
Use data to back up your texts


If you want to make your blog stand out, you need to create content that’s as good as it gets. In this article, I have shared what I’ve learned about creating high-quality content, which will help you produce content that’s not only great for your blog, but also for your audience.

Learning how to create unique content is your ticket to making exceptional progress with your blog.

What is your definition of unique content?

Tell me your experience in the comment below.


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