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Convertkit is an email marketing solution that helps you to develop an email list and engage with your subscribers. In this Convertkit review, I show you how You can send broadcast emails to your full list, send automated email sequences and convert your subscribers into purchases.

And that is all on autopilot. I have been using Convertkit since 2020, and I was able to generate $50.000 in income from it! In this post, I will show you precisely what I did to achieve that!

Convertkit Review: Start With Convertkit For Free

convertkit Review

One of the things that I appreciate best about Convertkit is that you don’t have to pay anything to get started. This enables you to expand your email list while familiarizing yourself with the Convertkit user interface. You may come over here and start from the beginning to learn how to use Convertkit if that is something you are interested in doing. Watch this tutorial on YouTube instead.

Convertkit allows you to have up to one thousand subscribers in your account without charging you a single penny or requiring you to even leave your credit card information. Therefore, there is no danger!

I feel obligated to point out that the free version lacks functionality when compared to the paid version. You can do so using the free version.

Make your own opt-in forms.
Acquire one thousand new subscribers.
Send out emails to a group.

That is incredible for a tool that doesn’t cost anything. If you enjoy using the service and have more than one thousand members, you will be able to upgrade.

Convertkit Pricing

convertkit Pricing

Let’s speak about the cost first, before we go into all of the features that are included in the pro version! There are two different Pro plans, and the price of each one is determined by the number of members that you now have on your list.

The Creator Plan | Starting at $29 per month

You gain access to all of the functionality necessary to automate and expand your email list with the Creator plan. The difference between this plan and the free one is that you can send automated sequences. That is a fantastic approach to making money off of your list on autopilot while at the same time assisting the people who have subscribed to it. The maximum number of members allowed for the $29 per month price is 1,000. If you want to make payments monthly rather than yearly, you will be responsible for this additional cost. If you pay for the service by the year, you will receive a discount equal to two months. When you reach a certain size threshold, you will immediately be upgraded to the next pricing tier.

When you sign up for the Creator Plan, you will have access to the following price plans:

Amount of SubscribersPrice Per Month

You may view all of the available plans here, as well as the prices.

Convertkit Creator Pro Plan | Starts at $59 per month

If you go with the Creator Pro plan at Convertkit, you will be able to construct custom Facebook Audiences, make use of the Referral System and Subscriber Scoring, and have access to advanced reports. In addition, you will have access to all of the features that are included in the plan. People that utilize Facebook Ads are the target audience for the Creator Pro. This review will go through all of these different aspects of the product.

Which Convertkit Plan Is Best For You?

You have the option of beginning with the free plan if you do not wish to begin with automated sequences (which indicates that you will send automated emails a few hours or days after someone subscribes to your list). You are eligible to upgrade to the Pro plan after you have more than 1,000 subscribers or when you begin using automated sequences. You will be able to upgrade to the Creator Pro plan after you begin running advertisements on Facebook. I am quite happy with the Pro plan that I subscribe to. Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s talk about how you can get started with Convertkit and what it has to offer.

How To Get Started With Convertkit

Follow this link to access Convertkit, then navigate to the homepage and look for the button labeled “Get Started for Free.” Simply by answering the questions and creating your login details, you won’t be required to reveal any credit card information.

Create a Landingpage

You have successfully logged into your account. You have the option of watching the video tutorials first, or you can get started right away. By clicking on the “Create Landingpage” button, we are able to generate a form that may be embedded in a website or generate a landing page.

You have access to a variety of different templates to select from. Adapting to new circumstances is necessary. Images, colors, and the ability to customize the settings for the input fields according to your preferences. For example, your first name and email address.

Share Your Convertkit Landing Page

You are now able to share your landing page on any other website in the world. You may include it in the description of your Instagram post, send it to pals via WhatsApp, publish it on your website, or send it to friends via email. And when people click on your link, they will be brought to the landing page that you have provided. A new subscriber is created whenever a person provides their name and email address in response to a call to action on your website.

What Do You Have To Offer?

What makes you think others would want to subscribe to you? You are required to provide them with a justification. One possibility is that they will receive news updates regarding what it is that you do, such as presenting the latest information on cryptocurrencies or keeping people informed regarding your most recent blog articles or video blogs.

Broadcast Emails

Since the size of your email list is increasing, you are now able to begin sending broadcast emails and choose the recipients directly. Perhaps you have several landing pages, one of which is devoted to cryptocurrencies, and another to stocks. You have the option of choosing to send a broadcast email to Crypto subscribers exclusively if you so choose. All of this is possible with the free edition of Convertkit, which allows you to have up to a thousand people on your subscriber list.

Free 14-Day Trial For Convertkit Pro

If you want to take it to the next level, you may upgrade your free Convertkit plan to the pro plan, and you will get a free trial of the pro plan for the first 14 days. Therefore, you get a total of fourteen days to further expand your email list without incurring any further costs. After the initial 14 days, you will be charged for the service for the first time if you do not cancel.

Email Automation / Email Sequences

You are able to send automatic emails in a series with the help of Convertkit Pro. This indicates that when someone subscribes to your email list, you have the option of sending them a personalized email (greeting them by their first name) after a few hours, a few days, or on a certain day of the week, and then sending follow-up emails on autopilot based on your preferences. In other words, you can decide to send them a personalized email (greeting them by their first name) after a few hours, a few days, or on a certain day of the

I have the ability to select that everyone who signs up will receive an automated message providing them with value regarding the topic in which they are interested beginning the following Monday and continuing every day after that for a period of ten days. Within one or more of the emails that are part of the sequence, I have the ability to begin promoting a tool that contains an affiliate link. As a result, people will be able to purchase one of my affiliate products on autopilot each week, provided that I continue to add new subscribers to my email list.

Automation Rules

You are able to ensure that your subscriber receives the appropriate emails by utilizing automation rules. If I send out a series of 10 emails in an effort to sell a course, and a subscriber agrees to buy the course after just reading three of those emails, then the subscriber does not need to receive the remaining 7 emails in the series. Therefore, I will be able to establish a rule that states that when a subscriber buys the course, he will be removed from that email series and added to a separate email sequence that is made specifically for those who enrolled in my course. I will be able to do this by using a rule. This demonstrates the effectiveness of automation rules.

Rules for automation consist of two components: 1. Triggers. 2. Taking Action “What course of action ought to be taken when this occurs?”

Rule-based automation gives us the ability to

Give recipients of our emails who click on a link a specific tag, and then name that tag “interested” recipients.
You can either include folks with a particular tag in a certain email sequence or remove them from that.
Include in a subsequent email thread just those recipients who have completed the previous email thread.
Because of these tags, we are able to send an automated email or a broadcast email to a specific set of individuals.

Visual Automations

Through the use of visual automation, Convertkit makes the process simpler for you. I have to be honest and admit that at first glance it appears to be somewhat complicated, and in my opinion, it also has the steepest learning curve, but it is also an extremely potent tool.

Convertkit Integrations

Many of the most well-known companies in the internet industry are compatible with Convertkit’s integration capabilities. You can add customers to your email list automatically whenever they make a purchase on your website or submit their information via a contact form there. The following is an outline of the integrated tools that Convertkit offers.

Email templates

We are able to alter the format of the emails that are sent out to our subscribers. There are three choices available. The user interface of Convertkit is famously straightforward. It’s possible that some people don’t like it, but research has shown that it leads to more conversions.

Case Study: $5,000 in 3 Days Using ConvertKit

My employment with Convertkit began in December 2020. In exchange for giving away free templates for a page builder called Elementor, I received subscriptions to my mailing list. In exchange for free Elementor templates, approximately 30–50 people subscribed to my email list on a daily basis, and the size of my list continued to slowly increase.

For the free edition of Elementor, which is also free, I used free templates. Elementor is a free page builder. In June of 2018, there was a discount for Elementor Pro of twenty-five percent, and I informed five thousand users who had made use of Elementor templates that there was a discount by sending an email to them.

The amusing part was that I sent the email from my vacation in Italy, where I was now staying. When I found out about the offer, I immediately grabbed my laptop and sent an email to all of my contacts detailing the numerous advantages of using Elementor Pro as well as the fact that the discount would only last for three days.

I sent out a friendly reminder about the offer one day before it was going to finish, and a flood of additional sales poured in as a result. Because of this, I was able to bring in $5,000 in just three days.

So what did I do? 3 things:

I promoted a fantastic product by giving it away for free under the guise of affiliate promotion.
I made videos in which I discussed the elementor templates in the hopes that more people would sign up for my mailing list.
When there was a sale, I sent out a broadcast email to the list of people who were excited about Elementor and were prepared to purchase Elementor pro with a discount by going through my affiliate link.
And I was able to automate the entire procedure with the help of Convertkit! I currently have 50,000 individuals subscribed to my list, and once I send out a broadcast email, I almost immediately receive page views, likes, comments, and sales. And it all began with the gratuitous distribution of a good or service.


I think Converkit is a great tool to use in order to build an email list, help people on autopilot and make. a lot. of money at the same time. It is easy to use, you can start for free and when you go with the pro plan there are a ton of ways to earn back the money you spend on your plans.

Convertkit ProsConvertkit Cons
Ease of UsePrice Compared To Others
Opening Rate Of EmailsLack of Documentation
Simplistic and Converting Email Design
Paid Newsletters
Landingpage Designer

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