Bluehost and Dreamhost Comparison

Which Cheap Web Hosting Provider You Need as a Beginner in 2022?

Bluehost and Dreamhost Comparison

This guide is about Bluehost and Dreamhost Comparison, considering a beginner on a tight budget. We’re comparing and reviewing two of the top cheap web hosting choices today.

Bluehost and Dreamhost comparison. You don’t want to be stuck with hosting that doesn’t meet your needs, so I’ll share my personal experiences with these two businesses and lead you through making your own decision today.

BlueHost and Dreamhost Comparison: Which Should You Choose?

One of the significant decisions to launch a successful website is where to host. Hosting is a place where all your website program files are kept so that anyone who wants to access your site can have them. 

Although over 330,000 hosting providers worldwide, the kingmakers are very few.

Today we’re comparing and reviewing two of the top cheap web hosting providers: Bluehost and Dreamhost.

This review will consider the low-budget beginner into the website building.

The two hosting service providers we are reviewing are all endorsed by the world’s most popular website builder, WordPress, with the Bluehost being the first choice and Dreamhost being the second choice. Still, we will tell you all you need to know concerning these two providers so you can make an informed choice.

Bluehost Endorsement

Bluehost, which powers over 2 million websites, is the ultimate WordPress platform. We offer WordPress-centric dashboards and tools and 1-click installation, a FREE domain name, email, FTP, and other features. Easy to scale and backed by in-house WordPress specialists providing unparalleled 24/7 support.

Dreamhost Endorsement

DreamHost has been dedicated to WordPress and its community for almost a decade. Our hosting platforms are WordPress-friendly, and our team is active in the WordPress community. At DreamHost, you can take complete management of your server or entrust it to our team of specialists. DreamHost provides new and experienced users with various options, performance, and values.

With the two summaries above, it is evident that Dreamhost is best for beginners on a budget.

This is why practically all website creators recommend Bluehost for all users, new or experienced.

But before you make a healthy choice, I would like you to continue reading.

Our Pick: Bluehost and Dreamhost Comparison


Apart from being excellent in customer support in times of problem, Bluehost also supports phone call support and live chat support.

 Their customer support system works best for newbies and experts as well. 

As a new blogger or website developer having such a remarkable supporting team at your disposal will be great to move.


Dreamhost features a total monthly hosting package, unlike other budget-friendly web servers.

This means you can choose to pay month to month with no long-term commitment, unlike Bluehost, which only permits you to sign up or host your website for at least one year.

If you’re on a budget, Dreamhost yearly plan is likewise less expensive than Bluehost


Basic Plan Comparison

Bluehost and Dreamhost have great features for beginners and website owners at their basic plan package.


The table below shows what’s included in their basic plan.

Type of HostingSharedShared
Number of Websites11
Storage Space50 SSDUnlimited
Domain NameFree, First YearFree, First Year
Control PanelCpanelCustomized
CDNFreeNot Available

Type of Hosting

The basic plan for both Bluehost and Dreamhost are all shared Hosting.

This indicates your website is on a massive server with numerous other websites.

Consider shared Hosting like living in an apartment. Even though you have your private rooms with all your stuff, you still share some of the apartment facilities with others.

Shared Hosting is best for beginners as your budget may not permit you to begin with higher Hosting.

The two providers make it easy to migrate or upgrade to a much more conducive hosting environment when your website grows and has a lot of traffic demand.

Refund Policy

Bluehost has 30 days refund policy while Dreamhost has up to 97 days refund policy.

This means you can use their services for over 3 months, and if still not satisfied, you can cancel and ask for a refund.

Domain Name

Your online business or blog needs an address for people to locate you, and this is done by choosing a domain name. is my address to locate. You are reading this article because, for some reason, the search engine directed you to my location for you to get access to this article.

\both Bluehost and Dreamhost offer free domain names for the first year when you purchase at least 1 year plan.

A domain name is an annual agreement purchase.

Number of Websites

Storage Space

The website is made of software and program files. Keeping a website needs a lot of space on a hosting computer. Anytime you write an article and post on your blog or upload something on your website, you are using space on that computer hosting your website.

Bluehost offers up to 50GB Solid State Drive SSD for basic Shared Hosting while 

Dreamhost unlimited storage space with the same Basic Plan. 

Note: The 50GB space offered by Bluehost is more than enough for a beginner to utilize even after 1 year.


When people visit your website, the data transferred between these devices is bandwidth.

The more people visit your website, the more bandwidth you will use or need. Higher visitors to your website means more bandwidth usage. This service is mostly free. However, these two providers don’t track how much bandwidth is consumed as your traffic grows.

Note: You will be asked to upgrade your plan to a much higher bandwidth environment when they detect your bandwidth usage has exceeded the recommended plan, which will mean your website is performing exceptionally well.

Control Panel

The industrial standard for website development uses Cpanel, the software you will use to make changes on your website.

For instance, if you want to set up an email service on your website or add another website to your Hosting.

Bluehost uses the cPanel, the standard made for people familiar with website development and beginners.

Dreamhost uses a custom made which is much easier for beginners to get the flow faster.

A newbie will find Dreamhost custom panel much easier to work work.

SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

Due to the global data security policy deployed on all websites, it is recommended that all websites must secure user data. 

SSL Secure Socket Layer creates an encrypted link between the hosting computer (website owner) and the user browser. 

When a user visits your website, the information transferred between the user browser and the hosting computer must be in a secret code to protect the user and the website owner.

This is a paid service.

Both Bluehost and Dreamhost offer free SSL on their 1-year plan

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Content Delivery Network means that your website content will be duplicated geographically or sent to a server closer to the one requester.

For example, suppose a user in west Africa tries to access your website content. In that case, Bluehost will have a copy of your website that content cached and placed on a server closer so that the user will have faster delivery of content.

This system has a lot of benefits. Today almost all system uses this system.

Faster content delivery helps Search Engine Optimization.

Bluehost includes this in their starter plan, while Dreamhost kept silent.

Performance: Bluehost vs Dreamhost

Uptime and Speed

Measurement of website performance is based on Speed which is the Speed that your website takes to load when requested, while uptime refers to the time your website is available for a user.

Anytime the hosting computer goes offline, your website will not be available when people search for it. Since you do not know when someone will search for your content, your website hosting computer should stay awake online so that anytime someone looks for your site content, it will be available.

Bluehost promise 99.98% uptime which translates that your website may go off for 1hour 45minutes a year.

Dreamhost promises 99.99%, which means your website will not be available for 50 minutes for a whole year.

The difference may not be that much to you, but online business is all about staying awake, so to some companies, 1 minute is a severe loss.

User Experience

The signing-up process on both platforms is straightforward.

Bluehost happens to have extra suggestions during the initial purchase. They recommend things that you may not need as a beginner.

Both platforms have easy-to-install WordPress installation with a drag and drop website builder.

They all offer easy migration of websites from different Hosting to their platform or migrate to a more powerful hosting plan.

You can also add more websites easily with no extra cost on hosting. You only pay for domain registration.

Customer Support

As a beginner, there is always a likelihood that you may get stuck or encounter a problem and having a solid team of experts behind and ready to carry you through is a great deal.

Bluehost offer live chat, email support, and phone support.

Their 24/7 support team is impeccable and one of the prompt response teams you can get in the time of need.

Dreamhost does not have that ready to offer helpful customer support, and sometimes you will need to pay to get your issue resolved promptly. If you are a beginner and on a tight budget, Dreamhost may not be that good in terms of running into problems with your website, but their live chat is ever ready to walk you through every detail you need to resolve your issues.

Bluehost and Dreamhost Comparison: Pricing:

This review is being done because of pricing. One of the complicated topics to discuss is how much hosting costs, so I want to spend a little more time explaining further for clarification.

Website billing is monthly no matter how many years you sign up with.

After your initial start pack, which generally comes at a significantly reduced price, you will pay a standard after your initial package is over. 

To understand this breakdown clearly, I will use the basic plan for both platforms to show you.

Plan for Initial SubscriptionsBluehostDreamhost
Price for 3 years plan$178..20$93.24
Price for 1 Year Plan$33.00$35.40

To get the lowest price on these two platforms, you need to sign up with a 3 years plan.

Let me breakdown these further for you

Price to be paid after your initial plan payment

You must be aware that Dreamhost’s monthly plan is $4.95/month for the first three months, then it increases to $7.99/month.

For a monthly payment plan, Dreamhost is cheaper. 

Dreamhost is also cheaper on 1 year and 3 years payment plan. Dreamhost’s monthly Payment plan is still more affordable at $7.99/month than Bluehost’s $9.99/month. Even the Bluehost 3-year plan at $8.99 cannot match Dreamhost 3-year plan $7.99


To draw my conclusion on this Bluehost and Dreamhost comparison, as a beginner with a tight budget or someone who wants to test the waters, I will tell you to choose Dreamhost and make sure you work hard to get money to renew your plan when the time is right.

Ready to start a blog? Check my ultimate tutorial on how to start a blog, or click here to register with Dreamhost.

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