20 Worst Blogging Mistakes Beginners Do in 2022

20 Blogging Mistakes blogging beginners do and how to fix it

A roundup of blogging mistakes first-time bloggers make in their first few months of blogging. Like any good thing, blogging can be fun, but like anything else, it’s not without its challenges.

In this post, I will show you a few of the most common blogging mistakes and how you can fix them.
You don’t have to make the same mistakes other bloggers make to become successful bloggers.
This article provides advice on common blogging mistakes you might be making.

Most of the mistakes outlined here in this article are blogging mistakes for beginners.

21 Worst Blogging Mistakes blogging Beginners Do and how to fix them in 2022

Deciding to Start a Blog

At a certain point in life, everyone naturally wants to challenge himself or herself by taking up some task that seems to be too huge to accomplish. And when that is done successfully, it makes life feel more fulfilling.

To start an online business may sound very remotely to people but it’s so close to everyone now than you can imagine.

Blogging is one of the best ways to start an online business.

But there are processes and the right procedures to do this and if you miss them you may end up believing in the fallacy that online businesses are not real.

Correcting these mistakes brings blogging meaning to you.

Blogging for Beginners Mindset

You may have heard so many things about blogging and that might have prompted you to start a blog this year.

Well, it is a piece of great news to hear but, let me break the news to you.
Blogging is not for everyone. It takes more than just writing and publishing to a website to make a successful blog.

Blogging is not a quick way to make money. People with the impression that you can make money with your blog in one month. It’s not true.

Blogging is a profession that needs to acquire, a career that needs to learn, and a business that needs to be built.

Don’t make a blogging mistake and think it is a freeway. It takes time to build an audience.
To happily say you have successfully built a blog that generates a passive income for you may take time. You need to be patient and build your audience while building your blog as well.

The money is the traffic to your website. The traffic is your readers, and readers are your audience.

Worst Blogging Mistakes Blogging Beginners do When Launching a Blog.

Worst Blogging Mistakes Blogging Beginners do When Launching a Blog.

Start your blog the right way. Launching your blog on a weak foundation can rip off your effort.
You need a plan. Set Smart goals to break down the process.
To give you an idea, You need to set blog goals to achieve:

  • How much money do you intend to generate from your blog?
  • What kinds of traffic targets are you looking to achieve?
  • How frequently do you plan to add new content to your blog?
  • How much of an increase in your presence do you want to see across social media?
  • How do you envision the members of your email subscriber list is organized?
  • What is the strategy that you use for SEO?
  • How well do you think you are doing today with traffic from SEO?
  • How many other websites, other than your own, link back to your blog?

1. Starting With a Free Platform

Learn how to start a blog the right way.

Starting your blog with a free platform like Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace is ok, but blogging is no more a hobby.

People who proclaim they are blogging for the fun of it are all building business in disguise.

They all will eventually drive their audience to a money-making website at a later point, therefore establishing a self-hosting blog from the beginning is the best way to start a blog.

You will be tempted to begin your blogging on these free blogging websites. These blogging sites have significant marketing strategies, and you may have noticed their adverts on YouTube, other blogs, or podcasts.

Blogging is getting cheaper—a little between $35-$65/year, you can create a self-hosted paid blogging website.

While free platforms are easy-to-use, these platforms have many limitations and drawbacks.

Free hosting platforms like Wix and Weebly have free plans for beginners but they also limit you which include adverts and branding on your site.

The free options don’t allow you to expand your blog professionally.

As you grow your blog, time will catch up with you and you will need to expand your blog or move to a much more business-oriented environment.

Moving from these platforms to a much more business-oriented space like wordpress is not straightforward.

You can start a blog with a free platform but modern bloggers dont write for fun. It’s business.

I always recommend first-time bloggers start with self-hosted WordPress.

Self-hosted WordPress is a free CMS that 34% of websites utilize. The only fees involved in running a WordPress blog are a domain name and web hosting.

You’ll own your blog even if you use inexpensive hosting or shared hosting. You can buy plugins and themes to increase your WordPress blog’s capabilities, but the upfront cost is inexpensive.

Not using WordPress is the #1 blogging mistake since it gives you so much control over your blog’s future.

WordPress lets you monetize, edit, market, and do anything else with your blog. It features HTML code for further customization, and plugins to keep your site running smoothly and looking crisp.

How to fix this mistake.
Get a self-hosted paid website with wordPress and start with free tools.

Grow your online blogging business with a professional-looking website that allows you to monetize your traffic from the start.

2. Bad Hosting Provider (Company).

Am sure you’ve heard about website hosting. I just told you about it in a previous mistake new bloggers do.
Website hosting providers are not the same. One mistake you could do when you decided to run your self-hosting blog is choosing the wrong hosting service.

Hosting providers make it possible for you to publish your blog live on the Internet, and the prices for their entry-level plans normally range from $3.00 to $15.00 each month.
Your blog won’t be accessible to the general public and no one will be able to see the content if you don’t use a hosting service.

There are quite a few great hosting companies available on the market today, the best of which are Bluehost and Dreamhost.
However, you should be careful about which hosting company you choose because not all hosting companies offer the same features, reliability, or affordable hosting plans.

Bluehost and Dreamhost are two of the best.
Consider the following elements when searching for an appropriate hosting company to power your blog:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Support
  • Track Record

I am recommending Dreamhost and Bluehost not just because they are popular, but based on the CMS you will be building your website with.

WordPress recommends both as the best platforms to host your wordPress website.

Read my personal review on BlueHost and DreamHost here.

I use both of them with my own sites, and I’ve been more than satisfied with both when it comes to relatively economical hosting that provides me all of the capabilities you need when you’re first getting your blog off the ground.

Both of them give me everything I need to get my blog off the ground.

How to Fix this mistake
Choose between BlueHost and Dreamhost as a beginner.

Budget or no budget.

3. Choosing a Difficult to Read (or Understand) Domain Name.

One of the many early decisions that will fall on your shoulders is choosing a name for your blog that will also serve as its domain name.

A lot of people are of the notion that you can change the blog name later. But what they don’t tell you is the time and effort you will spend trying to reintroduce yourself to the same people (Audience) again and again.

Something that you can avoid from the very beginning.

Dont just register any name for your blog. It might interest you to know that the name will play a significant role in your blog’s success.

Stay away from deceiving phrases
Difficult to read or understand words.
Dont make a mistake and follow the rhymes that”s “go with your gut”. This means any name that is catchy and memorable will work for you.
There are techniques in this process.

Read how to create a name for your blog.

Follow these steps to name your Blog
Ensure the name is available: When choosing a blog name with the phrase I am interested in, I usually use Domain Wheel.

You can use Domain Wheel or SmartWP’s Name Generator to check if your name is available. Check your name on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

Make it easy to Remember: Easy-to-remember domain names are the best. You want users to remember your URL in their navigation bar. You want something people can look for if they forget your address.

Stay away from mimic names: Avoid domain names that resemble other names. These are major blogging mistakes to avoid.

Mimic domain name will make you will make your kind of an imposter. you may be sued. Brands like Amazon takes their name seriously. You want your blog to be unique. People may forget your domain if it’s too similar.

Choose an easy-to-write Domain Name. Simple domain names that are easy to say, spell, and write are preferred over long complex domain names. While a unique spelling can be fun, this blogging mistake may mean people can’t find your site.

How to fix this
Follow the required process of naming a blog started here

It is important to ensure that you do not make the common blogging mistake of naming your blog after something unrelated to its content. This is in parallel with the significance of selecting an appropriate domain name.

4. Choosing the Wrong WordPress Theme.

Another blogging mistake that can overtake you is the theme you use on your website. I made this mistake the first time I started blogging.

My website crashed a couple of times and I have to reset the website and redesign it.

WordPress is full of themes but that does not necessarily mean you can apply any of them to your website.

Some WordPress themes have very few customization options, which can make it challenging to personalize your blog.

Other themes might significantly slow down the loading speed of your new site by including features and code that aren’t necessary.

When using WordPress, you are free to change your theme whenever you choose; however, doing so requires some forethought and effort on your part.

You can change your theme by clicking a few buttons, but when you do so, you’ll need to double-check that everything on your website appears the way you want it to.

This is although it’s not difficult to do technically.

When you change to a new theme, you will be required to manually adjust any theme-specific settings.

As a result, the layout of your blog will appear a little off until the problem is resolved.

You may need to invest some time and effort to make your website seem the way you want it to.

Recommended themes

  • OceanWp
  • Astra
  • Hello Elementor
  • Generate Press

How to fix this
Use the right theme for your blog
It is in your best interest to steer clear of making this blogging faux pas totally and instead begin with a fantastic WordPress theme straight away.

5. Picking the Wrong Niche to Blog About

The real deal to becoming a successful blogger is the niche. This is the topic you will be writing about on your blog. These are the ideas you will be sharing with your audience.

There is a number of the reason this blogging mistakes can happen.

Blogging About Something You’re Not Passionate About:
Some blog niches are more profitable than others. It’s vital to examine your blog’s financial potential, I don’t recommend picking a niche solely based on that.

This bogging mistake occurs when a per chooses to start a blog without thinking through what his or her best interest in the topic will be.

It will be tough to write about a topic if you do not have a genuine interest in it.

Your brain won’t come up with new blog post ideas if the niche bores you.

Pick a topic you’re enthusiastic about to avoid these writing mistakes otherwise it won’t be long and you will begin to ask yourself ways to find topics for your blog.

This desire will help you create material that others want to read in your area, and it will keep you motivated during tough times.

Choosing a niche that you have no personal experience with and being passionate about your niche isn’t enough.

Nobody starts a venture as an expert but it’s a total mistake to choose a niche with that you don’t have any personal experience whatsoever.

We don’t expect you to be an expert to blog about your niche, but if your expertise is limited, be prepared to spend a lot of time reading and talking to other experts.

Your audience will sense it and locate alternative sources if you’re not knowledgeable on the topic you’re writing about.

One of the biggest reasons people return to your blog is your authority on a subject. Without trust, they won’t be motivated to return.

This can be one of the most severe blogging mistakes, as it can harm your reputation.

Choosing a Niche Too Few People Are Interested In (Too Narrow Niche)
Blogging is a numbers game. This means you need to reach a lot of people. Therefore you need a topic a lot of people are interested in.

Choosing a niche without a large audience is fine if you’re not establishing a blog business plan to make money which I dont think is what you are planning to establish.

Write about what you love and connect with like-minded people.

To make money blogging, you must examine your blog’s market value.

It’s good to have a Niche, but not so obscure or obsolete that no one searches for it.

How to fix this
Use Google Trends to check how your niche is trending
Research the value of your niche and Audiences

6. A Niche without Focus word.

If you’re interested in many topics, it’s tempting to combine them into one blog. There are techniques to do it but that will be another talk.

As a beginner, you need to make your statement clear to your audience. You may have many hobbies and don’t want to limit yourself. I advise you to start small and grow with it. There is always a way to add topics later.
Give your readers what to expect from your blog. You cannot blog on the same website changing lanes.
Your viewers will be confused if you write about gardening and the next post is about parenting. These are two different people you are trying to reach.
Trying to reach two people will affect your google ranking.

How to fix this
Pick a well-defined niche that is broad enough that will give you room to explore and narrow enough to attract the right audience that will demand more of your work.

7. Not Being Unique

If you want to develop a profitable blog, you have to deliver something different, yet relevant to your followers.

The keyword here is to stay unique. This can be a tough thing to do because there are so many copies out there but it’s possible.

You need to research your competitors and their content strategy.

Learn from their keywords, the kind of post they create, etc, but dont copy them.

There are thousands of blogging niche blogs on the Internet. And I chose to start one.
It just means that you have to find a distinct approach. It implies you have to give advice, knowledge, or strategies that aren’t written like everyone else’s.

How to fix This
Explore a niche thoroughly.
Do your research and publish your message until it’s compelling.

Worst Blogging Mistakes Blogging Beginners do with Content Creation.

Worst Blogging Mistakes Blogging Beginners do with Content Creation.

This is the meat of your blog. Content creation is the real deal of the day.
Your content inscribes your name into the reader’s mind. That is why they say content is king. Content is power.

It is not easy finding your target audience. Meanwhile, start with some blog post ideas and content types that work well in your niche. When coming up with ideas, think about what your audience needs.

Choosing the wrong topics is one of the most common blogging mistakes you can make.

A blog allows you to both express yourself and interacts with others. When creating content, it’s critical to consider how your blog affects others’ lives.

8. Writing Without an Outline

This is a mistake you may not even think about but it surely can affect your writing massively.
Dont feel intimidated when I say to begin your writing with an outline. There is a reason why this is so important.

Writing an outline first will guide you in your writing process. The experts are doing it why not you a beginner.

This process will provide you a clear direction and helps you remove distractions

How to fix this
Download my free template and get your content standardized

9. Inconsistent Writing and Publishing

I am not here to tell you to post every day or week or twice a week, or once a month. This depends solely on how you want this to work and at what pace.
Whatever interval you choose to post on your blog, you have to be consistent.
Your frequency should stay because each blog post you publish will span your search online. This is what will make you succeed in this business. Don’t just publish any content, you need to learn how to write a good blog post.

In the beginning, you have to discipline yourself and keep publishing rigorously.

Reasons why you need to be consistent:
Imperfect practice makes perfect. Writing and publishing every now and then will help hone your writing skills.

This is also true in all endeavors. The more you do it, the more its feels second nature to you.

Boost Google Ranking: Google does not like dormant websites. When you publish on your website frequently, Google may recognize your website as a news source. This frequent update may help your site to get crawled and perhaps get your content indexed and ranked.

Helps learn about your target audience:
Writing and publishing great content will help you learn which topics are performing concerning your audience.
Inconsistent publishing on your website puts your readers to sleep mode.

You need to be as close to your target audience the least chance you get and feed them with what they’re asking from you.

Every successful blogger will tell you,” I have this amount of time set for my blog” on daily basis.
These are SMART Habits that experts refer to. You need to adapt to the culture and move with it.

How to fix this
Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant Time-bound) goals and make them realistic
You can achieve this goal in several ways, one of which is to schedule specific amounts of time each day to work on your blog.

This may take place in the morning before you start your regular job, or it may take place in the evening after you have put the children to bed.

Developing this routine will assist you in becoming more successful with your blog, and it does not matter when the time of day is most convenient for you.

10. You Don’t Do Research on Topics.

I see blogging as ongoing learning. You cannot keep what you have and expect that to be enough. You need to know how to do keyword research.

As a blogger, see yourself as a researcher. Deep research will set your writing different from other blogs, and disregarding it might damage reader trust.

For example, in the blogging sector, I must always keep up with new knowledge.

SEO and blogging tactics change frequently. What works here now may not work the next year for Google’s algorithms.

I keep my sites topical by conducting lots of research and experiments.

People won’t trust your information if it’s old or wrong.
Before posting, check for accuracy.

Use data and research to back up the claims you make in your posts.

How to this this

Buy tool to help you conduct deep research in your niche.

Make sure all your post contains current researched data

Worst Blogging Mistakes Blogging Beginners do with SEO Practices.

Blogging Mistakes with SEO Practices

Another important aspect of blogging that you can get all wrong is your SEO practices.

Bad SEO practice can make you feel like you’re putting in a lot of effort for little reward at this stage of your blogging adventure.

If you’re not getting enough visitors to your blog, you may be making one of these common blogging mistakes.

11. Missing Best SEO Practices

Your website traffic rest on your SEO practices. From your target keyword, content structure, and content formatting.
SEO is a key strategy to drive visitors to your blog. Every second, 67 thousand Google searches are made, and 93% of internet experiences begin with a search engine.

You could be losing out on a lot of visitors if you don’t use SEO best practices and structure your content for search engines. You have to optimize your blog for search engines.

Best SEO practices include:

  • Before writing, do smart keyword research.
  • Creating SEO-friendly, reader-drawing blog headlines
  • Understanding a search query’s intent
  • Content with internal and external links
  • Meta-description writing
  • URL-optimization
  • Mobile-friendly Website

How to fix this

Follow best SEO practices. You also need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly as this is a ranking factor for SEO.

12. Focusing Too Much on SEO

Search engine optimization increases web traffic. If you prioritize SEO over user experience, you risk creating low-quality content.

When creating SEO content, research keywords first. It helps you find terms or expressions to boost your internet visibility.

Beginning bloggers should undertake keyword research to learn what their target audience is searching for online, not to improve their site’s search engine rankings. This will help you develop blog posts that solve your audience’s problems.

Google’s latest algorithm changes emphasize content context more than before when calculating SEO value.

If you want your content to be read and valued by a wide audience, produce high-quality, well-researched pieces.

When individual pieces of content start adding value, you can implement SEO methods like keyword optimization and link building.

How to fix this

Get more articles on your website before you focus on SEO.

Worst Blogging Mistakes Blogging Beginners do with Blog Promotion.

Blogging Mistakes with Blog Promotion.

Targeting too many platforms to promote your blog is a common blogging mistake first-time bloggers do.
You can easily get overwhelmed with social media blog promotion with so many platforms available now.
One blogging mistake you can do is trying to be on all the platforms. If you have the team or the budget to run them either with programs yourself, it’s okay.

You dont need to be everywhere. Research the platforms where your target audience hangs out and concentrate on that.

Even if it’s just two platforms that you can consistently share and add value to drive traffic to your website, it’s okay.
You cannot be everyone’s favorite.

13. Forgetting About Social Media Promotion

Social media algorithms is been changing frequently lately, which is making it a hit-or-miss traffic source for your blog.

Although it still remains one of the best sources of traffic to your blog, you need to approach it with a tactful strategy.

Social networking networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become difficult to get free blog visitors.

But, Even if that is true, you can still utilize social media to promote your blog, especially if you are just starting out and seeking your first visitors.

If you can build an engaging social media presence (on a network with your target readers frequently), you can increase organic blog traffic. Social networking is a great approach to raise interest in your material.

Social media lets others remark on your posts and send you messages.

You don’t have to pay to interact with your readers, and being proactive can promote nice conversations.

How to fix this

Choose one or two platforms and stay consistently promoting your blog.

Worst Blogging Mistakes Blogging Beginners do with Blog Accountability.

Most new bloggers forget to account for the blog. this is one thing that can undermine your progress.

The earlier you take account of your blog the easier it becomes for you to know where you are lacking behind with the blogging process.

14. Forgetting to Track Your Progress

New bloggers won’t instantly understand the need of keeping a close eye on their growth.

The fact that you are gathering these statistics now may not seem all that relevant when you have only your family members visiting your site.

But in the long run, it will be quite vital.

If you aren’t keeping track of all the data, for one thing, you won’t know what aspects of your blog are successful and which ones aren’t if you look at it now.

You may have a single article on your blog that receives a significant amount of traffic, but you won’t know it unless you utilize tracking tools.

For this reason, failing to use the appropriate tracking tools is a significant blogging mistake for which there is no justification.

How to fix this.

Use the following tools to track your progress;
Google Analytics:
Everyone is welcome to make use of our free analysis service whenever they see fit.

It preserves a record of a lot of information about your blog, such as the amount of web traffic, where the traffic originates, what pages visitors view, how long they remain, and more.

This is a plugin for WordPress that integrates with Google Analytics. MonsterInsights was developed by MonsterInsights.

Because you can track all of your information from within the WordPress platform, using this plugin is a great option to consider.

Both a free and a paid premium version of this is now accessible.

SERP Robot
This is an extremely cool tool that monitors where each of your blog entries stands in Google’s rankings for a certain keyword. SERP Robot.

To put it another way, you can input the URL of your site and then follow up with the term that you want to rank for.

You will be informed by SERP Robot of how well each of your blog entries ranks for the specified keyword.

15. Failing to Respond to Your Readers’ Comments

It’s very easy to overlook this mistake and see it as normal.

New Bloggers may come up with excuses that they cannot respond to readers’ questions and comments on the blog all the time, especially when you are a single manhandling all the tasks.

However… I understand that as a blogger, you can’t do everything and must make tough choices.

Responding to reader emails, notes, comments, and tweets has been one of my best investments.

Not doing so is a dangerous blogging Mistake.

Why should you respond to readers?

Responding to comments and emails benefits your blog for several reasons.

It helps you explore what readers demand from your blog.

Reading comments helps you understand your audience. You’ll learn your readers’ most important issues from their comments and subsequent interactions.

It builds relationships.

Responding helps people feel appreciated. This is one of the best strategies to connect with your audience besides blogger outreach.

It’s a terrific approach to show them you appreciate them visiting your blog.

It boosts commenting.

People are more likely to remark, engage with, and share your content if they know they can ask questions and get answers.

How to fix this

Put a schedule to answer all questions with your blog post, tweets, etc, at least once every week.

16. Taking too long to Monetize Your Blog

Many bloggers believe they need a lot of traffic to monetize a site.

OK. It may seem silly to try to make money on your blog when few people visit your blog each day.

Not taking early money prospects seriously is a blogging mistake that can hinder you from monetizing your work.

Why you should start monetizing as soon as you have blog traffic?

Allow early sales.

Even with few visits, you may sell something.

Your audience may be small, but they may be engaged or have a unique problem. Start interactions with your readers, learn from them, and charge for one-on-one replies.

You may obtain a passive business model idea (such as learning how to write an eBook, building courses, blogging books, or software solutions).

You may have viral material. The Internet is weird and cool. There’s no clear reason why some content goes viral.

Suppose you write a viral blog post that enhances your blog’s traffic. If you’ve optimized it for an affiliate network, online course, or physical items, you may earn from the traffic boost.

You understand monetization.

Content-focused bloggers may not comprehend monetization.

What can my blog earn?

How much? How will job hunting go?

Experiment early.

Starting a blog will look like learning anything else.

You don’t have to choose the right way right away, just like you won’t know everything about WordPress on day one.

Alternate ways won’t harm your site.

You’ll learn what readers like as your site expands. You’re gaining valuable skills as your blog expands. If you need to monetize it quickly, look for writing gigs.

How to fix this

Research transactional keywords

write a blog post on transactional on them and start to make money blogging.

17. Not au courant (not staying up to date) Outmoded.

I said this before, Blogging is an ongoing learning process. Staying in one place with no updated information is a disaster.

as a blogger, you need to keep yourself updated. not just your niche alone.

sometimes you need to learn about blogging in general, and the current ethics and tactics people employ to succeed.

The current research within your niche. what are the new questions your audiences are asking?

Remember to read far and wide, to broaden your ideas.

How to fix this.

Subscribe to the newsletter of successful bloggers.

Set up a Google alert to notify you of the current blog posts on your niche.

18. Ignoring to Learn More Technical Aspects of Blogging.

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to create a WordPress blog.

It’s important to master some of the technical components of blogging so you can troubleshoot and fix difficulties on your site.

The more you understand blogging, the more you can customize your site and address problems.

You don’t need to know everything from the start, but you’ll be glad you learned how to make easy blog adjustments.

There are many helpful resources on my blog and elsewhere online.

19. Not Establishing Your Priorities.

Now that I’ve listed blogging mistakes to avoid… I understand if you’re overwhelmed.

Running a lucrative blog involves many moving pieces, which can feel like scaling a mountain.

As a blogger, you can’t always do everything.

Even if you blog full-time, you couldn’t always do everything on this list.

You have a family and a full-time job in addition to your blog. You can’t blog 24/7.

Therefore, you must prioritize.

Maybe you’re not ready to respond to readers. Or set a specified day and time to respond to questions, rather than immediately.

Maybe you can only send a monthly or bimonthly email to your subscribers.
Instead of daily monitoring, you may review analytics every few weeks.

To generate truly distinctive Google-friendly content, you may require additional time.
As long as you follow a schedule and prioritize your goals, give yourself time.

How to fix this

Don’t try to do everything with your blog; you know it best.

Set priorities and don’t worry about every blog necessity right now.

Blogging takes time. Work through a priority list in the next weeks and months.

20. Throw the Towel (Giving Up Early)

Blogging can boost your self-esteem. Sometimes it makes you sad.

Compared to other blogs in your niche, you may worry if yours will ever be as successful.

These feelings of uncertainty and discouragement stop many writers from working hard on their blogs, putting them at the bottom of my list of blogging mistakes you can’t afford to make.

Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

Most new blogs need 3 to 6 months of constant work to start getting followers and revenue.

How to fix this

If your blog fails, be flexible. Learn. Try. Repeatedly fail.

Today’s habits don’t have to be permanent.

Do research, listen to successful bloggers, and try different techniques.

Use others’ successes as motivation to strive harder and learn more. Don’t let anything deter you or make you quit.

You can make your blog successful, but it will take weeks, months, and years of effort.

21. Trying to Do Everything Yourself.

One serious mistake that new bloggers make is that they try to do everything themselves.

You may not have enough money in your budget to hire or pay someone to help you with a specific task.

However, you should be prepared to make financial investments in your blogging business.
At the very least, you should invest in tools and sign up for services that will automate some of the jobs.

You will feel overwhelmed if you try to do everything by yourself.
Always look for ways to cut down on the amount of time something takes.

Pro Tips

  1. Create blog posts that serve your larger company goals.
  2. Identify what resonates with your audience.
  3. Write like you talk.
  4. Show your personality; don’t tell it.
  5. Make your point again and again.
  6. Start with a very specific working title.
  7. Specific posts should still tie into the bigger picture.
  8. Use a specific post type, create an outline, and use headers.
  9. Give your audience something to walk away with.
  10. Use examples to back up why what you’re saying is important.
  11. When drawing from others’ ideas, cite them.
  12. Take 30 minutes to edit your post.
  13. Blog consistently with the help of an editorial calendar.
  14. Focus on the long-term benefits of organic traffic.
  15. Add a subscription CTA to your blog and set up an email newsletter.
  16. Refresh old content while writing new content.
  17. Vary the mediums where you share your content.
  18. Promote your content.
  19. Design a good website
  20. Be mindful of SEO but dont dwell on it too much


It depends on a lot of issues and personality, But most of all it’s the mindset they may have before they start blogging. All the major causes of blogging failures have been depth within the post. The little I will add here is:
Blogging is not for everyone. This is one major cause of blogging failures.

  • Believing Blogging is Easy and Requires Little Effort
  • Choosing a Niche Based on “How much money you can make”
  • Writing Quality Content and Just Sitting There Waiting For People To Find It
  • Believing You Will Be A Millionaire in A Month
  • Having An Awful Design

Not having a clear topic and niche for the blog.
Lack of quality content.
Writing style.
Plagiarism alert
Not keeping on topic.
Not enough traffic.
Absence of feedback.

Affiliate Income. One of the easiest and most common ways to make money blogging, for beginners, is affiliate marketing. …
eBooks. If you want to sell your own products, an ebook is a great way to make money blogging.
Online Courses.
Freelance Writing.
Google Adsense.
Coaching and Consulting.

Getting started. Choosing a blogging platform is your first challenge. …
Consider integration.
Find a niche.
Write about what you love.
Offer value.
Focus on marketing.
Encourage interaction.
Make commenting easy.

Is blogging becoming obsolete? In 2022, blogging is still relevant, just a little twist.
Today, everyone seems to be talking about content marketing and the various ways in which having multiple pieces of material published on different platforms may be beneficial to one’s own website.

It is no longer restricted to blog posts alone; rather, it encompasses a variety of content items.


You cannot make all the mistakes before you learn. You should learn from others’ mistakes.

Even if you follow my recommendations, you’ll undoubtedly make a decision or two you’ll later regret.

Even seasoned bloggers make mistakes (I use to steal headlines). I’m still learning and experimenting on my side blogs, hustle to Elite Lifestyle, and Asgar Organics

My goal is to speed up your growth and boost your passion with this advice to avoid costly blogging mistakes.

My ultimate tutorial on how to start a blog this year is more detailed.

This step-by-step instruction is simple to follow, especially for beginner bloggers.

Are you ready to start blogging and avoid these mistakes?

What are some blogging mistakes that you’ve made when you started?

Do you think I miss something here?

Do you know any blogging mistakes that you want bloggers to be aware of?

Drop your mistakes into the comments below

Kweku Affanyi

Hello, my name is Kweku, and I'm an online entrepreneur. As a test, I created First Time Blogger 2020. I'm just checking to see if it's possible to start a blog right now. Every successful blogger I've met online began 8 to 10 years ago, so I decided to see if it's still doable now. It's amazing how we may limit ourselves in terms of what we can accomplish. If you love what you read here, know that you can do it too, NOW!

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